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Pricing and plans - Premium Plan

You choose the Premium plan:

This is the best offer you can find ! It gives you full capacity to manage your podcast because you can upload without limit. You can upload podcast as much as you want.

We take care of the iTunes Store subscription for a better visibility of your podcast. Once your podcast is accepted, all your episodes will be available on iTunes directly.

Premium plan includes:

  1. Unlimited storage
  2. Unlimited episodes
  3. a maximum size per episode of 300 Mo
  4. advanced statistics
  5. Audios & videos files are allowed
  6. mail support is available
  7. iTunes auto-submission

Payment options

For 12 months : 105.00€ instead of 120.00€

You save 15€ over the monthly subscription !

For 6 months : 55.00€ instead of 60.00€

You save 5€ over the monthly subscription !

By monthly subscription : 10.00€

No commitment, pay per month automatically !

Information about your account



The payment is perfom and secure by Paypal.

Once you've done with this form, you will be redirect to the Paypal website to perform the payment.

Once the payment is done, you will be redirect to our platform and your account will be created.

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